he is the adopted brother of stardustman he might be a fag at once,enker calls him starfucksman since he acts like he has cancer.

also zero loves starfoxman,the guy who acts like he has cancer.

he might not act like he has cancer,he always likes zero.

also he always is gay and always uses an arwing,landmaster and a blue marine for transport.

he also sells cocaine with zero.thumb|300px|right|this plays in starfoxman's arwing. all the time.

he fucks with zero,and plays skulltag with zero too.

also he plays descent and starfox too.

he dislikes enker because enker calls him starfucksman.

he gets very horny if he has some beers inside him.

he has a hot navigator called diamondstal. he has sex with diamondstal on friday nights.

starfoxman is too badass and he can beat chuck norris.

he likes to hack into security systems.